We all can commit to good health and cleaner cities by practicing important but simple steps.

Maintaining good health and sustaining the beauty of our country is a collective responsibility we all share.

Great results can be achieved when citizens take responsibility and develop a consciousness of good habits.

By practicing positive changes in our lifestyle and making them our habits, we improve the quality of our lives.

Start simple, be consistent, make it enjoyable, and be determined to continue even when you don’t feel like!

About The Campaign

“Hygiene First, My New Habit” is a campaign that seeks to enlighten people about the long-term positive impact of hygienic habits and encourage citizen responsibility in practicing such habits. The campaign is geared towards creating awareness on personal hygiene and prompting a steady behavioral change in the way we care for our environment.

COVID-19 has brought upon us a new reality.

The gradual, yet, continuous community spreading of Coronavirus in Nigeria has created a great concern for all. This is fostered by the poor hygiene practiced in some Nigerian communities. Now more than ever, there is need for a conscious awakening of good habits that fosters community hygiene among Nigerians. The practice of a simple, but conscious hygienic habit could be the difference between life and death.

Everyone must as a matter of emergency, take responsibility in the fight against Coronavirus to instigate a national citizen participation and response to this common enemy. A good way to begin is to take responsibility for our personal and community hygiene. The situation we’re all dealing with will surely have a lasting effect on the way we interact with each other. There is no better time than now for Nigerians to make those important shifts in our hygiene and in our habits.



Join The Campaign

Do you feel concerned about the cleanliness of your community? Do you wish you could do something about it? Do you have ideas on how to influence others positively to take care of your community? If you answered yes, then we invite you to join our COMMUNITY WATCHERS team and you can start making a difference right where you are. Send an email to info@hygienefirstng.org today to be a part of this movement!

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“Hygiene First, My New Habit” campaign is an initiative of the Extended Hands Foundation. The goal is to awaken people’s consciousness about hygienic practices we need to imbibe in our homes and communities.