Get in Touch

The volunteers, donors, and others who wish to become a part of the Extended Hands Foundation can do it three ways:

  • Donate money for the surgeries.
  • Donate blood for the patients.
  • Spread the word in the social circle for an increased awareness about the program.

Most of the volunteers who want to help anonymously are also most welcomed as we truly believe in respecting everyone’s privacy. The payment made via PayPal is also done through a secure online process that is most definitely safer to be trusted for a charitable cause.

While the organization has been able to carry out numerous successful operations for women with VVF, there is still a lot remained to be fixed which need professional and efficient assistance from the relevant authorities.

If you have the required resources, information, or any other kind of help that is beneficial for our cause, feel free to contact or message us online.

(Describe your project in as much details as possible)